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5S, Kaizen and Organisational Signage

04 November 2014

5S is a basic, fundamental, systematic approach that helps improve productivity, quality and safety in all types of business. It was developed in Japan and stands for the Japanese words seiri (tidiness), seiton (orderliness), seiso (cleanliness), seiketsu (standardization), and shitsuke (discipline). In the UK these are referred to as "5S."

The 5S program focuses on:

  • having visual order
  • organization
  • cleanliness
  • standardization

The principles underlying a 5S program are simple, straight forward common sense however many businesses have ignored them. Statistics show that implementing a 5S program will improve profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

We have worked with both national and international companies to help implement and support these changes by producing a variety of different products such as; Dry Wipe Boards, Tool Shadow and Cleaning Station Boards and Information and Communication Boards. Each of the above is created to support improved efficiency and organisation for example Dry Wipe Boards can be used to share important information, keeping staff up to date with project work flow. The Tool Shadow Board shows at a glance where to hang up a tool, encouraging tidy habits which in turn saves time wasted looking for missing items.

Here is a quick list of examples of 5S or Kaisen related products. If you would like more information pleas give us a call on 0117 982 2565.

Dry Wipe Boards
Magnetic dry wipe boards with magnets used to display useful information, distribution updates and to organise workflow and assets.

Tool Shadow and Cleaning Station Boards 
A key component of a 5S (Five S) program is establishing a "Visual Workplace". Tool Shadow and Cleaning Station Boards are a fine example of how this can work. The shadows show at a glance where each tool should be stored, encouraging staff to keep them tidy.

Tool Shadow and Cleaning Station Boards can be created for any type of tools and come with holders and hooks for hanging the tools making storage really easy. They can be either single sided and supplied with wall fixings or double sided free-standing units. Tool Shadow and Cleaning Station Boards can form a significant part of any 5S programme. We can customise tool outlines for any type of tools or equipment. To do this we can either make a site visit or work from photographs and dimensions supplied by you.
Information and Communication Boards
Information and Communication Boards can be used for displaying any key information that staff need know about such as schedule updates, accident statistics or productivity reports. These boards usually have paper holders or slide-in sections allowing you to update information easily and tidily.
All of the above products can be custom made and branded for your business. We can also incorporate additional safety or motivational text within the design. We can work from any file type supplied or can produce artwork for you – first creating a rough sketch of your requirements and then developing final artwork for you to approve. We always produce proofs of the designs, enabling you to involve your team in the layout and use of the boards before they are manufactured.

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We’ve been working with Avonmouth Signs since 2015 and would highly recommend their service. Since then, we’ve worked together to brand over 100 vehicles. We now rely on them for all our office and depot signage, plus display graphics and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Ian Probert
Watson Fuels

Big Thanks for sorting the graphics for Katie's rifle case last week at such short notice. They looked spot on and made her look so professional.

Mat Robbins

We required a quick turn-around on laser engraving enamelware mugs and were delighted with the service. The designs were perfect, their dedication to getting it right was amazing and the turnaround spot on.

Claire Stone

I love our vehicle livery. People look twice when the van goes by and we get lots of positive comments. I also like to think that the design conveys a bit about the character of our business, and it works really well to help raise brand awareness and get our name remembered!

Max Morris
The Jet Washing Company

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